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Water Distribution Systems (WD)

WD_01 Single & Dual Service Connections
WD_02 Water Service Installation Detail
WD_03_1 Water Meter Box (Type I) (5/8" to 1" Water Meter Assemblies)
WD_04_1 Water Meter Box (Type II) (5/8" to 1" Water Meter Assemblies)
WD_05_1 Blow-Off Assembly
WD_06 Fire Hydrant Setting (Type I)
WD_07 Fire Hydrant Setting (Type (II)
WD_08 Fire Hydrant Setting (Type III)
WD_09 Temporary Manifold For Test & Chlorination
WD_10 Not Used
WD_11 Concrete Vault – H20 Loading (3” thru 10” Water Meter Assemblies)
WD_12 Not Used
WD_13 Water Sampling Station
WD_14 Large Water Meter Box (1 ½” Through 2 –Inch)
WD_15 Pre-Cast Vault – H20 Loading (#” Thru 10” Water Meter Assemblies)

Published: 06/01/2016
Last Modified: 04/13/2017
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