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Vendor Information

Product Approval for Inclusion in the Standards

It is the general intent that the Standards serve as “performance-based” specifications, however, products may be included in the Standards to simplify the bidding process.  It is important to remember that neither the Standards’ TRC nor the Full Committee serve as a “Product Selection Committee” for the region and, therefore no vendor shall contact these committees before following the described process.  The process for product inclusion in the Standards requires that vendors first contact individual localities/agencies (i.e., HRSD, JCSA, etc.) to receive their acceptance. The Standards’ TRC must receive requests from the localities/agencies for new products.  Requests for new products are typically made using the Proposed Revision form. If there is substantial consensus among the participating localities at the TRC level, then the TRC will develop a performance specification for the product. The TRC may, at its discretion, include the product name/manufacturer if it is determined that this would be beneficial to clarify acceptable products that meet the performance specification. The Standards will strive to show other acceptable manufacturers along with “or equal” requirements as appropriate. Then the Proposed Revision, including the TRC specification language, is submitted to the Full Committee for concurrence and inclusion in the Standards. If approved, an Update will be posted on the HRPDC Regional Construction Standards website ( or, the product will be included in the next Edition. Even if the product is included in the Standards, each locality/agency will then determine its acceptance for their jurisdiction.  

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