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Proposed Revision Form

Suggestions for changes to the Standards shall be directed to the TRC Chair for consideration. Typically, the TRC will review proposed modifications, additions; deletions of the Standards that have been brought to the Committee from TRC Committee members or other individuals, Ad Hoc Committees, Full Committee directives, review of Special Provisions of member jurisdictions, or through the use of the Proposed Revision Form. After proposed revisions are made by the TRC to the document (New Editions or Amendments), a final draft is submitted to the Full Committee for approval. Once the Proposed Revision is approved by the Full Committee, it becomes a "Publication Update" or just "Update".  The Full Committee recommends new editions for the adoption by the HRPDC Board of Commissioners.

Download Proposed Revision Form

Have a change you'd like to propose for the next Regional Construction Standards update? Click on the Word file below, complete the form and email as an attachment to:

Arnes L. Cuevas, Public Utilities Project Manager, City of Chesapeake-TRC Chair at

Regional Construction Standards Proposed Change Form (Word file)

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